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Case Studies

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Cherwell de-risk the business.

Out of 49 contenders, Cherwell chose Priority, primarily due to its "out of the box" process structure match to the Cherwell production process.


Working on spreadsheets caused significant problems for Ionoptika.

The Ionoptika team can now find parts within seconds rather than spend hours looking for them across the factory.


BSC achieve full traceability and planning executions of their manufacturing operations with Priority ERP

With better management of their inventory & sub-contractors, BSC has achieved greater traceability of their current stock.


Wolfenden achieve 90% fit with Medatech and Priority ERP

The other vendors Wolfenden did consider were only around a 70-75% fit, whereas the Medatech Priority solution offered a 90% fit which with time could be enhanced further.


SMI streamline unique manufacturing needs with Priority Software

SMI is able to manage its stock inventory at the level required for uninterrupted manufacturing

Case study img.png

ATG access accelerates growth using Priority

The net result enabled by the Priority ERP system has been a consistent track record of growth and process improvements.


Carrs Tool Steels maintains productivity, profitability with ERP implementation

Following a thorough review of the market, Carrs turned to Priority Software and the UK implementation partner, Medatech.


Merley Paper Converters have 20% cost-savings across the board

Priority helped us boost our change management, our approach to transitioning our company to redirect business processes and budget allocations.


Trutex increases process efficiency and productivity

UK schoolwear manufacturer, Trutex, automates processes and improves stock control with Priority ERP.

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