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Modules and Integrations

The in's and outs of warehouse management and WMS

Priority’s highly scalable ERP warehouse management system utilizes unique customization features and advanced AI-based capabilities that allow companies to automate workflows, operate sophisticated warehousing and distribution processes, and quickly and easily adjust to changing customer demands and market conditions.

Priority Software SDK - Empowering Customers

In this presentation Operation Manager Fode Sylla presents the new developer tools in Priority, built to empower customers and make customisations more efficient.

WMS solutions


•Field Sales

•Field Service

•Delivery Tracking (POD)

•WMS as platform

•Application generator

•Portal Generator


Connecting your Priority

In this presentation Operation Manager Fode Sylla talks Medatech Customer Portal, API and webhooks and integrations within Priority Software.

Priority Software Financial integrations

Taking a look into the financial integrations available for Priority Software, including Moneyhub, Finastra and Dokka.

Maintenance and AimBetter Webinar

Learn about the enhanced support packages we provide, including options to upgrade or to encompass the power of the AimBetter tool.


Used to better support your business, you will see how it can help to improve your business efficiency, speed up the software and hear about real examples of the benefits it gave to other Priority customers. 

Moneyhub and Customer Portal webinar

This webinar is focussed on the Medatech Customer Portal and Money Hub. The Medatech Customer Portal allows you to open your system to your customers, so that they can view their orders, shipments and invoices as well as create new orders. The new module is an easy to integrate plug in that will allow you to spend more time focussing on your business and less time reprinting documents or adding sales orders. MoneyHub enables you to automatically import transactions from your bank or financial institution directly into your Priority ERP, eliminating the need to import transactions manually. Once you've connected a bank feed, statement lines appear in your bank account in Priority ready for you to reconcile each day.

Integrate Priority with AccessPay to streamline your finance functions

The AccessPay solution allows you to seamlessly connect Priority (and any other systems) to your banking systems with an online hosted platform that will allow you to directly pay your suppliers and easily reconcile statements amongst other features.

AccessPay provides a secure digital connection to over 16,000 banks and payment schemes worldwide. The platform is used by thousands of companies, banks and other FinTechs to automate their payments, collections, and treasury processes. The integrated solution connects many back-office systems, including Priority Software, to your banking estate making your finance function a more efficient, more secure, end-to-end operation.

Rental Module Webinar

Learn how to Automatically track inventory availability, generate price quotes, open invoices, and bill customers with standing orders, all displayed on a detailed Gantt chart. Generate packing lists for your warehouse teams, visually track equipment stock levels/locations, and benefit from real-time reporting and analytics to help you calculate your costs, revenues, and margins.

3 ISV Solutions for the Construction industry

The construction process is a complex process consisting of several layers.

Watch the webinar where three Priority Tech Partners talk about construction process management best practices, from bidding on a construction project tender to delivery protocols.

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