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Medatech Managed Services

Introducing Medatech Managed Services, going one step beyond Support to provide you with assistance in maintaining your system.  When your team don’t have the time, we can help out to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Server changes.png

Server configuration Changes

  • Configuration of Priority search services

  • Client installations

  • Configuration of mail servers

  • BPM changes 

  • Task scheduler management

  • Setup password policies

User license management.png

User License Management

  • Create users

  • Make users inactive

  • Reallocate named licenses

  • Renew license - if license purchased

  • Report on active users

Company management.png

Company Management

  • Create company

  • Copy company 

  • Delete company

  • Privilege group changes

  • Data authorisation setup

Agreed design changes.png

Agreed Design Changes

  • Make form design changes

  • Set up form queries

  • Changes to packages

  • Set up record colours

  • Set up business rules

  • Set up autofill rules

  • Add portals to home pages

  • Set up home screen for users

  • Set up macros

Mini training.png

Mini Training/Consultancy sessions (30 mins, 2 per month)

  • Examples...

  • Navigation 

  • Shortcuts

  • Saved queries

  • Filters

  • Report discovery

All of our managed services are available now, contact us to find out more details and keep your Priority in shape.

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