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Cherwell de risk the business and take control of the knowledge within the business

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Who Are Cherwell Laboratories?

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Based in Oxfordshire, UK, Cherwell Laboratories is a leading supplier of prepared microbiological media and environmental monitoring instrumentation for pharmaceutical and related industries.

Cherwell is a specialist supplier of cleanroom microbiology solutions and products for environmental monitoring and process validation for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

The Key Challenges

As Cherwell faced extensive growth, they needed an ERP solution to replace the existing systems and support the 10% per annum growth plan.

Cherwell looked to de-risk the business as the business expanded by preventing knowledge silos and individuals from hoarding the business data.

Cherwell required a unified data center that was accessible to all stakeholders, in addition to a scalable and flexible system that could be easily customised and improved to meet business needs.

The Solution

  • Cherwell researched multiple ERP systems and vendors, and out of 49 contenders, Cherwell chose Priority, primarily due to its “out of the box” process structure match to the Cherwell production process and the ongoing product support and development.

  • After ensuring the implementation’s vendor experience, skills and knowledge, Cherwell chose Medatech, to implement the system.

The Outcome

  • The benefits are evident in eliminating all siloed databases around the plant. Today, Cherwell maintains a single, unified and accurate database.

  • Cherwell gained a real-time overview of performance data, contributing to accelerated analyses that support data-driven decision-making.

  • Priority helps Cherwell generate real-time reports and use accurate data analyses to uncover trends within the manufacturing system and identify opportunities for reducing failure rates and eliminating costs, and stop holdings within the business.

  • Cherwell also improved customer communication by auto-generating and delivering documents directly from within the system.

  • Cherwell fully controls the system configuration to implement improvements as they change their business processes and manufacturing procedures.

“Our ability to configure the system in-house has shone through, it's much more in our control, and therefore we are able to make improvements quickly and more readily” 

Martyn Young, Operations Director at Cherwell Laboratories

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