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Portal Generator

Create simple, no-code web portals in minutes. 

Priority’s Portal Generator is a simple and user-friendly tool with which, in just minutes, you can extend your business functionality and accessibility by providing additional channels for your teams, suppliers and customers to connect with you from any device at any time.

Create portals from any area in Priority

The Portal Generator allows you to create portals from any area within Priority.


This flexibility allows you to design portals tailored to specific business needs, whether it's for sales, finance, supply chain, or any other department. The tool leverages the existing data and business logic in Priority, enabling seamless integration and a consistent user experience.

Customizable Portal Generator _ Priority Software.png

Personalise and customise portals in minutes

The Portal Generator lets you create various types of portals, like B2B customer sales portals, customer financial portals, and vendor portals, based on forms, business rules, or existing logic in the Priority system.


These portals are created securely and easily, without any coding or programming skills, making it accessible for any user.

B2B customer sales portal

Service and scheduling portal

Company users portal

Sub contractors portal

Contact us to find out more about Priority mobile and how you can use it.

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