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About Medatech

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ERP should be easier

Small to Medium businesses are the powerhouse of the economy. To succeed they need to find new and innovative methods of working. This requires an agile, easy to implement, ERP solution to give them a unique competitive edge for the long term.

Medatech has been providing those solutions since 2001, focusing on the unique requirements differentiating clients from one another. We are also fully equipped to provide our clients with One Stop Shop services, in order to allow them to focus on their core business and not bother with other aspects.

Priority ERP vast functionality allows us to serve and share know how knowledge among multiple verticals, the built in flexibility can support different business models and the easy to upgrade mechanism guarantees many years of use.

Medatech can offer any type of commercial model (Perpetual, subscription) that can be used in any kind of installation (On Premise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud).

Altogether Medatech delivers the best Return On Investment for the long term while experiencing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

What we do

Businesses today need to be efficient and agile.

The systems they use need to enable these attributes.

This is what Medatech do.

The highly flexible Priority solution is configured precisely to our clients’ unique environments.

The Priority ERP solution is a broad functionality, multi-vertical solution that is configured to work exactly the way your business works best. Medatech is a one-stop provider for implementing, supporting, developing, and hosting the Priority ERP solution across our wide and varied customer base.

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Our People

With two offices in the UK, and subsidiaries in Australia and the USA, we are fully committed to maintaining the outstanding level of service that has been a key factor in our continuous success. Medatech is constantly looking to grow through entering new territories and by offering new products and expanding its offerings to the marketplace.

Our team of Priority experts are dedicated to improving our client’s businesses by keeping their processes streamlined and operating at their best. Medatech acts as a Single Point of Contact providing best of breed third party solutions (BI, MES, Mobile, WEB Applications etc.) and catering for infrastructure and related technical support issues (System Admin, DBA etc.).

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