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Paramount to the success of an ERP implementation is the ongoing support provided by the implementation team over many years of normal running. Medatech UK has a dedicated team of support technicians with a deep knowledge of the Priority solution and how it has been implemented in your organisation. This ensures the smooth working of Priority throughout your business.

Servies: Support

Hosting Services

As part of its turnkey offering, Medatech provides hosting services to its customers in support of its Priority ERP implementation capabilities. As many businesses are switching from in-house managed IT servers to the Cloud, it is imperative that users of Priority ERP solutions are 100% confident in the infrastructure behind the software. UK-based servers are managed 24x7 to ensure uninterrupted uptime for our customers’ mission-critical ERP solutions. Whether you are looking to implement Priority ERP for the first time or you are an experienced Priority user looking to free yourself of in-house IT management responsibilities, contact our sales team to find out how we can provide you with a robust, always available IT infra-structure.

Services: Hosting Services


The implementation of an ERP solution requires deep knowledge of the client’s business processes and a tight match with the functionality of the system. To achieve this Medatech UK starts the implementation phase with an in-depth analysis exercise. The output of this is an analysis document showing the client how their business processes will be implemented in the Priority solution and if any customisations are required, a specification of those developments.

Services: Analysis


The Priority application has a vast range functionality, so our comprehensive training plan has been broken down into modules to enable your staff to learn the system in stages and practise in their test environment after each session. We take the approach of ‘train the trainer’ whereby we train up your core users and they in turn, train their colleagues. This gives us the ability to train a smaller number of individuals and the need for them to train others reinforces their learning.

Services: Training


All businesses are different and so to reach the peak of effectiveness and efficiency your ERP solution needs to match exactly your business processes. To achieve this Priority has a unique customisation facility that works seamlessly with all future standard releases. Medatech UK are expert in developing and supporting all such customisations across all of our customer base.

Services: Integration

Data Migration

Priority is equipped with numerous data migration data templates and tools to ensure the smooth transfer of data from your existing system(s) to Priority. As part of the project, we will provide comprehensive training in this subject area to allow you to take control of your data and import the relevant information to Priority. The data migration process takes two forms: Static and Live Data. Static data can be considered and imported at the earliest stage of the project. It includes data such as customers, suppliers, parts, BOM’s, routings, nominal accounts, and stock locations.

Services: Data Migration
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