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Hosting Options

When implementing Priority ERP, you have the flexibility to choose from various hosting options. These options determine where your Priority system will be hosted and managed, impacting factors such as accessibility, maintenance, and control. Self-hosting offers you complete control over your infrastructure, allowing for customisation and data sovereignty. Understanding the available hosting options is crucial for selecting the best fit that aligns with your business needs and resources.

With all hosting and cloud options, the database is included.

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Hosting options

Self Hosting

Self-hosting is the option of deploying and managing the Priority on your own infrastructure, rather than relying on a cloud-based or hosted solution. With self-hosting, businesses have full control over their ERP environment, including hardware, data storage, and system configurations. Self-hosting can be advantageous for businesses seeking greater control and data sovereignty. It enables seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and offers the potential for cost savings in the long run. However, self-hosting also requires dedicated IT resources and expertise to ensure system maintenance, upgrades, and security.

Medatech Hosting

We offer comprehensive hosting services for Priority ERP, providing businesses with a reliable and secure infrastructure to run their Priority. With our hosting services, you can enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based deployment, eliminating the need for on-premise infrastructure. We ensure high availability, data security, and regular backups, safeguarding critical business data and ensuring uninterrupted access to the ERP system. Our team of experienced Priority experts takes care of system maintenance, updates, and security patches, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.


Priority ERP

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