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Priority Analytics
Available now in V23.1

We are proud to announce Priority Analytics - a new, intuitive, and easy way to create reports.


Using new, innovative technology, now all users can build reports that include combined data from different modules and areas in Priority, helping you analyse and evaluate information, so you can make data-driven decisions. 

Build business insights in minutes with seamless, no-code report building

Transform the self-service reporting experience with Priority Analytics and business insights. Customised for end users to effortlessly construct operational reports. These reports can be created within minutes, requiring no coding, and deliver instant insights using advanced analytics.


Consolidated content from multiple entities can be seamlessly displayed, incorporating private fields and entities. Users can integrate various system areas, such as sales and production or purchasing and finance, into these reports. Additionally, advanced report building features such as grouping, summing, and mathematical expressions can be effortlessly incorporated.

MAC Priority Analytics.jpg

Gain key business insights and boost your competitive edge

Easily Measure performance and KPIs instantly

Identify areas where performance can be improved

Instantly generate reports across multiple departments 

Contact us to find out more about Priority Analytics and how you can use it.

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