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Trutex increases process efficiency and productivity

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Who Are Trutex?

Trutex, a school uniform supplier based in Clitheroe, UK, produces and distributes school wear to meet various bespoke requirements, selling through retail channels, through schools, and direct to parents via its online shop. The company has been using Priority ERP to streamline its business processes and manage its inventory since 2007.

The Key Challenges

  • Inventory had to be segregated between the systems leading to massive inefficiencies, over-stocking in some areas and shortage in others.

  • With multiple sales channels and areas of the business,

     Trutex was facing difficulty managing their inventory in an

     effective way, they wanted to improve stock visibility.

  • After searching for the right solution, in 2006, Trutex chose

     to implement Priority Software, provided by Medatech.

The Solution

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Medatech provided a fully integrated ERP solution and an advanced Warehouse Management System which has improved visibility across all key areas of the business and helps streamline all departments and business processes.

Implementing Priority Software has helped Trutex operate in a more cost effective way, this has allowed Trutex to have complete visibility into of its financial position, allowing plans for future expansion.

The Outcome

Efficiency - Orders can now be dispatched in as little as one hour

Visibility - Priority generates executive reports that provides key business performance metrics.

Automation - Trutex found that it was spending large amounts of time on business processes which could have been automated, such as sending order confirmations, invoices and statements.

"Priority is a good solution for us and we chose it because it has a width of functionality that allows us to change process and have that reflected within Priority in an easy way"


John Hogan, Group Operation Director

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