Priority ERP Products
Priority is a Comprehensive, Integrated Business Management System widely used by Industrial and Commercial based companies. Find out below how we can help...
P image Priority ERP for Manufacturing

Over 1,000 Manufactures around the world rely on Priority to Streamline Operations & Cut Costs.

distribution_image Priority ERP for Distribution

Monitoring carrier performance, maintaining visibility into supply chains and providing accurate, up-to-date information.

construction_image Priority ERP for Construction

The construction module within Priority is specifically aimed at organisations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management.

service_image Consultancy Services

Medatech offer a number of Services to ensure that you can get the most out of your Priority ERP Solution.

highlights_image Priority Highlights

Find out why customers love Priority & Medatech. There are a number of business benefits our customers enjoy with Priority ERP Solution

zoom_image Priority Zoom

Priority Zoom is an on-demand business management tool specifically designed for small businesses. It provides small businesses with up to 10 users an integrated, comprehensive, easy and accessible solution to manage their business.

modules_image Additional Modules

View all the add on modules to make your Priority system really fit your business and its unique requirements. From Office add-ons to Web applications...

mobile_image Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions have become central to the way enterprises conduct their businesses, enabling customers and employees to always have access to critical business data.

Our Services

Medatech's support center is available by phone, by email, and by placing service calls in Medatech's support portal


Medatech offers many training opportunities, such as independent training, group training and webinars


Medatech’s implementation methodology is based on customer oriented approach that guarantees rapid and cost effective implementation cycles

Priority in Cloud

As one of the first ERP software vendors to fully support SaaS, today, Priority boasts over 1,000 customers successfully running Priority on the Cloud.

What our customers say about us
The system is fine-tuned to my business, not designed around someone else’s organisation that I have to make do with.The staff at Medatech UK from the outset of the implementation want to understand your business, and what you want from their system. Then they work towards that.
Dax Ward
Managing Director
The Impact Priority ERP has made to our accounts team is immeasurable. Saving us time & resources for more crucial work.
75% of our RRA reports are now automated.
Margaret Sweeney
Financial Controller
The mark of a good IT company is not what they do when things go right, it’s what they do when things go wrong that count!
Kurt Sigrist
Financial Director
Medatech’s SFDC solution has led to reduced costs on overheads and correcting human error, whilst shipping higher stock volumes every day.
Looking back, I find it hard to imagine how we ever did without it.
Helen Bradley
IT Manager
Training at Medatech couldn’t be better. At the end of the workshop all three of us felt that we had a much better understanding of how data capture would fit into the work-flow of our particular company.
Lucy Simpson
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