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Working on spreadsheets caused significant problems for Ionoptika.


Who Are Ionoptika?


Established in 1994, Ionoptika is a leading provider of high-performance ion beam technologies for surface analysis and nanofabrication applications and experts in cluster ion beams for secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), located in Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Ionoptika’s product range comprises many custom-designed, high-tolerance machine parts manufactured by UK-based subcontractors. The bill of materials typically consists of more than five hundred unique parts, with many subassemblies.

The Key Challenges

Ionoptika’s production used to be managed via a large number of excel spreadsheets, which became increasingly difficult to control, causing significant problems with configuration control, bill of materials tracking, and stock management that hindered the company’s growth and expansion.

The Solution

  • Priority offered an accessible, easily customisable ERP system with a web-based interface, available on both PCs and mobile devices, that could fit every user’s changing needs and requirements.

  • During the project, Ionoptika worked closely with Priority’s partner Medatech UK to customise the system to support the desired manufacturing management processes.

The Outcome

  • Today, all parts and bills of material are managed in Priority’s cloud ERP, allowing Ionoptika to easily track changes, effortlessly update stock levels, and manage purchasing processes and manufacturing operations.

  • Priority’s unified 360° ERP platform allows Ionoptika access to all business-critical data in one place, creating a joint, consistent workflow.

  • Since the Priority implementation, Ionoptika has experienced significant growth in sales prospects, which they keep track of using the Priority CRM module.

  • The Ionoptika team can now find parts within seconds rather than spend hours looking for them across the factory. All sales, purchasing, and accounting functions are now also managed using Priority.

“Priority was one of several ERP solutions we evaluated. From the start, it was clear that Priority ERP was the right choice for our business due to its flexible infrastructure.” 

Tony Adams, Engineering Director at Ionoptika

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