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Wolfenden achieve 90% fit with Medatech and Priority ERP


Who Are Wolfenden Concrete?

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Wolfenden is an independent UK manufacturer of high quality, cost effective precast concrete products specifically developed to meet the needs of dairy farmers. We also work with industrial companies attracted by our stringent standards and innovative approach.

The Key Challenges

The initial catalyst for implementing a new system was to move away from the shelf boxed branded accountancy package to a system that incorporated a CRM package. Wolfenden quickly realised they needed a full ERP system, However some of the ERP systems on the market were not interested in small to medium manufacturers and were reluctant to follow up any enquiries.

Wolfenden were making efforts to simplify their processes, one of the main requirements for the project was an ERP that offered users a clear and simple user interface and great user experience.

The Outcome

  • The other vendors Wolfenden did consider were able to achieve around a 70-75% fi, whereas Priority ERP provided by Medatech offered them a 90% fit which could be enhanced even further with time.

  • Another point is that Medatech allowed each module to link effortlessly with each other and deliver a fully integrated platform to support all business needs.

"The back-end office functionality is crunching some detailed management accounts. Priority is the first system where we can intuitively alter our print options with ease as none of us are particularly tech savvy. You need to give it a lot of thought and the implementation team will push you to ensure you understand what you need out of the system so that Medatech can switch on the right buttons for you."

Richard Moody, Owner and Managing Director at Wolfenden Concrete Ltd

ERP Implementation Success With Medatech - Richard Moody, Owner and Managing Director at Wolfenden Concrete 

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