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WhatsApp Integration with Commbox

Integrating Commbox into Priority ERP system provides your business with a wide range of benefits, these include…

  • Resolve over 50% of inquiries with AI bots: Radically increase efficiency by resolving issues faster. Automate common inquiries with CommBox’s chatbots built with the latest AI technologies to free human agents to focus on more urgent, complex conversations. Qualify leads, schedule meetings and give information all with self-service for quick, outcome-driven conversations.

  • Empower agents with an AI-powered workspace: Reduce team workload. Give your agents AI-based contact center technologies that leverage ChatGPT capabilities to increase efficiency directly from an intuitive Agent Workspace. Segment, route, summarize and respond strategically all using AI, allowing agents to spend their time provide top-notch customer service.

  • Robust Agent Workspace designed for productivity: Deliver exceptional customer service with CommBox’s omnichannel workspace powered by AI and automation. Empower agents to understand the holistic customer journey, prioritize and route conversations, and provide outcome driven experiences. Save agent time and effort by preserving context across channels to make transfers between humans and bots seamless, while leveraging Generative AI to summarize and improve responses

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