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World map with logistic network distribution on background. Logistic and transport concept

A Complete ERP Software Solution for Commercial and Distribution

One Software Platform for all business transactions.

Thousands of distributors around the world rely on Priority ERP to gain:

  • An integrated view with full visibility of supply chain

  • Improved customer relationship management

  • Seamless synchronisation, from initial order to product delivery

  • Real-time alerts at every stage


Medatech provides the support, implementation and development team as your needs grow – from a single consultant to a team of specialists. As your business grows, Priority ERP will scale with it on a single, robust, upgradable platform.

Every aspect of your wholesale distribution software business can be interconnected with Priority ERP, including purchase planning and requisitions, delivery scheduling and shipments, contracts, and billing. Finances, billing, procurement and administration is unified within the same program, providing consolidated information for quicker and more accurate analysis, and more efficient processes.

Jumpstart the digital transformation in your business with Priority and see positive ROI that can help accelerate your business growth.


Priority ERP Functionality


Includes maintenance of suppliers and subcontractors data, item certificates, multiple currency price lists together with purchase requisitions and authorisation process. Support is provided for the request, recording and evaluation of price quotations.


The cornerstone of successful manufacturing is inventory control. Viable inventory control means reducing inventory costs and enhancing tracking and traceability, maintaining tight control on inventory replenishment. Priority Includes suppliers and subcontractors, item certificates, multiple currency price lists together with purchase requisitions and authorisation process.


Fully Integrated Financials suite includes all ledgers, budgets, fixed assets, profit and cost centres, cash management and financial reporting. Payments to suppliers and from customers by cheque, bank transfers, credit cards etc. Costing for all company transactions including all production activities.


Priority’s CRM Modules contains two elements, marketing automation for managing marketing efforts and pipelines whilst also providing Sales reps with the ability to track the whole sales cycle and aftercare of customers. Lead management, opportunity management, account management sales & order targets, Marketing Campaigns, forecast analysis and reporting tools are just some of the functionality in the CRM module.

Business Intelligence

Priority BI application and analytics tools are built as an integrated part of the application. Users can quickly and easily drill down with a single click from aggregated data presented in dashboards and dynamic BI reports. Users have the freedom to tailor reports and dashboards, add personalise shortcuts and business metric to allow quick and easy comparison of all data types.

Basic Human Resources

Manages smaller, everyday tasks as well as top management reporting. Management of contact lists and appointment diaries. Human resources complete management of personnel records including holiday requests and approval. Built in an email that integrates holiday requests and other email systems. Executive information system available for drilling down into and analysing operational data transactions.

System Administration

Access for the system manager to allocate privileges to staff members & edit document templates, form layouts and much more.

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Optional Functionality

Customer Service

Customer issues can be reported by the customer directly via Priority’s customer service web portal, or by service and support personnel using Priority’s call centre reporting functionality. Call centre reps can keep track of open service calls, call assignment, escalation status, related communications with the customer and follow-up calls.

Purchase Planning

Provides information for the creation of purchase orders but also provides vital information on the expediting of those orders along with recommendation of how to get required materials on site in time for the satisfaction of customers.

Human Resources

Designed to help organisations automate, regulate and centralise the process of HR management. As a whole, this suite addresses several major tasks associated with HR from application to retirement, including recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, employee assignment and more.

Project Management

Provides capabilities that match and surpass those of dedicated project management systems. Project planning supports task inter-dependencies within or between projects, while activity-related reporting of labor & expenses and built-in BPM tools make the maintenance of project progress, in terms of both deliverables and outlays, an integrated part of the organisation’s daily routines.

Fleet Management

Manage warehouses and vehicles, define weight and volume capacities and uphold fleet maintenance.

Mobile Priority

Wireless shop floor data collection using ruggedised hand-held devices and/or touch screens. PDA smartphone access allowing remote access using windows mobile, Ipad or iPhone, even without intermittent GPRS signal. Mobile device support enables mobile delivery tracking, driver documentation, signature capture, and more.

Preventative Maintenance

This module supports maintenance of services parts. data on serviced parts recorded upon part receipt is stored in the catalogue of serialised parts. Each part can be defined along a hierarchy of systems, facilities and sites, indicating the location of the serviced part within the organisation.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System to optimise inventory service levels and warehouse efficiency.

Medatech Portal

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. That's why we are excited to introduce our customer portal, designed to help our customers streamline their business operations and enhance their customer experience.

Portal Generator

The Portal Generator allows for the creation of a broad set of portal use cases based on fields in a form, business rules or any match and logic which exists in the Priority system. The creation of these portals is done in a secure manner and by means of simple settings and without code or need for programming skills.

Rental Module

Streamline your equipment rental processes with a clear and intuitive graphic interface, giving you complete visibility of your equipment availability and reservations. Optimise your rental utilisation to meet your customers’ dynamic needs, ensuring increased customer satisfaction.

MRP For Distributors

In MRP for Distributors, forecast orders do not reduce the demand for sales orders. Rather, each creates its own demand, and the issues generated by MRP cover both kinds of orders.

Delivery Scheduling

The Delivery Scheduling module enables you to plan the delivery of goods to customers by assigning distribution routes and delivery dates to sales orders. You can use an automatic scheduling mechanism, or schedule deliveries manually.

Fashion Module

Priority Software's Fashion Module is a cutting-edge solution tailored for the dynamic and intricate needs of the fashion industry. Seamlessly integrated into the Priority ERP system, this module empowers fashion businesses with features like comprehensive inventory management, trend analysis, and real-time visibility into supply chains.

Time & Attendance

Incorporate built-in connectivity to the Time and Attendance module for a complete solution to track real-time attendance, sick leave, and vacation reporting. With time clock management and a secure mobile app, employees can easily report hours worked in real time in a database that updates the payroll system.

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