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Your business will benefit with…

  • Automated syncing of product data

  • Inventory levels

  • Order information

  • Real time customer data

This integration is reliable, scalable, easy to use and it is developed, implemented and supported by Medatech.

Inventory Management

The WooCommerce and Priority ERP integration allows your business to benefit from a range of different inventory management capabilities.

  • Real-time inventory updates – The WooCommerce and Priority integration ensures that all inventory levels are automatically, accurately updated in real time across the systems. This eliminates the need for any manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors while saving you time to focus on other business critical missions.

  • Centralised inventory management – When inventory data is stored in one centralised location your business can gain a full holistic view of the inventory levels across all channels and locations, this simplifies the optimisation and management of stock levels.

  • Forecasting and replenishment – The WooCommerce and Priority integration allows you real time access to inventory data. This improves your ability to use advanced forecasting and replenishment tool to predict product demand and ensure that you are always able to fulfil customer requirements and demand with enough stock to hand all year round.

  • Multichannel inventory management – The WooCommerce Priority ERP integration enables your business to manage inventory across multiple channels improving visibility and order fulfilment.

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