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Priority ERP is a winner


This is a sales and marketing message.

If you’re not interested in hearing how good Priority ERP is, look away now!


I saw a great video today from Eric Kimberling at Third Stage Consulting Group in the US, entitled Top 10 Small Business ERP Systems (

Whilst this is recorded from a US perspective, most of what he says is relevant here in the UK. Clearly there are some local UK omissions, but I was very gratified to see Priority ERP so high up a top 10 list by a truly independent source.

So how come Priority is now being recognised as such a good system within the Small to Medium Business arena? To make this short and snappy, I’ll bullet point the features.

  • Flexibility. Priority is built to be configured to your business process, however unique that is. You are not forced to accept an alien process to use the software.

  • Comprehensive functionality. Priority has sophistication to be used in very many business industries: manufacturing, distribution, project, construction, etc, etc.

  • Easy to use. The system is truly intuitive and the modern interface means it has a fresh look and feel that provides a rewarding User Experience.

  • Mobile. A truly unique mobile infrastructure that means it is easy to build and distribute unique apps to your mobile users.

  • Versatile. Priority does not tie you down to a single model. On-premise/Cloud, Purchase/Subscription, Multi-tenant/Single hosting. All options are available.

  • Implementation. Focussed, dedicated implementation teams available to man-up your project the way you want to do it. You choose your level of commitment based on your company environment.

But very significantly it avoids a lot of the pitfalls cited about other systems.

  • It doesn’t suffer from being implemented by inferior product consultants

  • It doesn’t suffer from limited functionality

  • It doesn’t suffer over-reliance on client in-house IT expertise

  • It doesn’t force you into a specific IT infra-structure you’re not comfortable with

  • It doesn’t suffer from long-term viability questions

  • It doesn’t need lots of 3rd party additional modules

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