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Manufacturing AND Projects AND Servicing?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

In recent years many manufacturers have moved their business model from purely producing standard products to making customised items (mass-customisation) and to also providing after-sales service to their clients.

However there has been a problem here due to the fact that the ERP solutions that most of these businesses have been relying on over the years have not been able to keep up with the transitions undergoing these companies.

Back in the day when they were just producing standard product their ERP system was well suited to this model. But as soon as they started customising their offering, that same system could not cope with operating in a project environment. Then when they added the need for service contracts and service calls, they realised they needed more functionality again.

Now, as most ERP solutions still cannot cope with these two major areas of functionality, these companies are faced with managing these aspects in secondary (often unintegrated and uninterfaced) systems.

This leads, of course, to duplication of data, inefficiency. errors and many man-hours of user frustration.

But there is a better way.

The Priority ERP solution has the functionality which includes these two vital process streams. This allows conventional manufacturing planning to manage your production requirements which are driven by project demands. The project functionality allows the project costing and financial management which most ERP solutions do not have. Then once these projects have been completed there is a seamless transition into customer service to ensure you keep your clients’ products operating at tip-top performance.

As well as having this comprehensive means of managing your disparate but connected processes, you also can have the support and backup of Medatech UK, Gold Partner to Priority Software.

Medatech UK has a long history of implementing and supporting Priority ERP in exactly this environment, all around the world.

But more so than ever before, UK industry is moving away from a silo-based industry to a completely connected environment. To meet the needs of this environment, product manufacturers must move their operations to a solution that caters for all their processes not just their central manufacturing.

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