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ERP Software is only one side of the coin

ERP implementations are complex beasts. Whilst they are very dependent on the breadth and depth of the functionality of the software, there is also a large task to match the functionality available with the process requirements of the business.

That is also assuming you know what business processes you wish to follow during the

implementation. This is not always the case.

Many organisations are not aware of the exact processes they follow – it just happens. In addition they may be aware of how it all works now, but equally wish to change it so that they are streamlined in their use of the new solution.

In order to make the implementation a success, the implementer needs to be able guide the client through a lot of data acquisition, process mapping, change facilitation as well as the more conventional data migration, training and additional software development.

All of these requirements need a specific set of skills. Even the (arguably) simplest of these, Training, is rarely done to the best levels of quality and repeatability.

Thus it is imperative that during the ERP selection project you spend sufficient time to ensure you are happy that your implementation partner has the skills to be able to guide you successfully through the project minefield.

Make sure this becomes part of your selection criteria for your implementation partner.

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