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ERP is no longer just your office system

In the last 20 years companies have changed more than the previous century. Not just in the technology they use but more importantly in the ways that technology has allowed changes to people’s working lives.

Mobile lives

The change to make all documents electronic has meant that everything can now be accessed through the medium of the computer screen. No element of business administration is now bound to a geographical location.

So as well as allowing vast numbers of people to work from home or temporary offices, large numbers also have the ability to access their systems and therefore fulfil a normal working life via mobile devices.

Mobile offerings

This, of course, has led many ERP solution vendors to offer mobile solutions for specific job roles. For instance, service engineers can have a device to record their hours and a report of what they have done on-site. Salesmen can have access to customer records when they visit a client and generate quotations on-the-fly. Delivery drivers can record their delivery with the client and obtain a proof of delivery (POD) signature.

Mobile needs

But given that all our business processes are changing at such a frightening rate, why should we be restricted to specific job roles that these vendors have concentrated on?

To obtain complete freedom, we need the facilities for generating these features to be in the

hands of the ERP user, not the ERP vendor.

Step up Priority. For the first time there is an ERP solution that allows any combination of form fields to be pulled into a mobile app which can then be published to any ERP user for use on his iOS or Android device. And the design of these apps is simple and robust enough to be in the hands of the user. No external ERP consultants required.

Now, at last, change can happen at the pace of the client, not the under-resourced ERP vendor. The user is in control and the user benefits.

All the expected features are available: creation of new records, modification of existing records, checking against set data, taking of pictures, reading of barcodes.

With Priority you have the freedom to operate completely mobile and under your own control.

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