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ERP Implementer / Developer

About the Role

The job includes providing system analysis, design workflow, develop and test application tables, functions, reports, and modules to help clients in enhancing the general system efficiency. The ERP developer is also required to integrate third party software with Priority ERP system and maintain technical documentation.


Essential skills / Experience:

  • Business Computing / Information Systems/ Software Engineer/ Computer science or related degree

  • Knowledge and/or experience in programming/structured development techniques

  • ERP systems experience or similar business software

  • Vast knowledge/experience of relational databases querying (SQL and similar)

Desireable skills

Web technologies such as (REST API, HTTPS, Python, JavaScript, React...)

Personal Attributes:

  • Self-motivated and highly organised, ready to take ownership of problems and issues as required

  • Highly effective written and verbal communication skills

  • Adopts a can-do attitude to challenging tasks

  • Enjoys working in a dynamic, challenging, and sociable environment

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