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A Complete ERP Software Solution for Construction

A Complete ERP Software Solution for Construction

One Software Platform for all business transactions.

Construction companies around the world rely on Priority ERP to gain:

  • Manage every aspect of your project from financials to purchasing and inventory

  • An integrated view with full visibility of your construction project

  • Real-time alerts at every stage

  • Efficient and cost saving functionality

Medatech’s Construction ERP Software package is specifically aimed at organisations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management. Priority’s construction functionality is fully integrated with all the other modules to provide full visibility with every aspect of your construction project.

Software Solution for Construction

Priority ERP Functionality

Contractors contact

This module manages both the upward and downward contractual relationships between the company, its receivers (customers) and its subcontractors.

Receiver Module

The Receiver is any contractor above the lowest level in the contractor hierarchy. This module manages and defines the process for authorising sub-contractors bills as well as managing the process of preparing the bill and billing the receiver.

Project Management 

The Project Management Module is not only used to manage the entire project, its revisions and execution, it is also used to create and control budgets as well as costs and ultimately profit.

Residential Property sales

This module manages both the sales of property to customers. A CRM web interface for sales reps that can record leads, recording tasks, meetings and registration forms and the ability to define site, building, property sale including instalment plan, interest, indexing, delivery date, price lists etc.

Bidding module

The module allows managing the whole bidding process from ITT to final quote. Create budgets and keep track of project’s costs and profits.

Sub Contractors

Manage subcontractor relationships, include deliverables and contractual obligations.

Real Estate Management

Managing the letting process of properties to customers raising payment demands for extras (utility bills, gardening, waste collection etc.) and demands according to contract.

Changes requested by tenants

This module manages changes by the tenant/customer while the property is being built.


Compliant with tax regulations in a large selection of countries.

Optional Functionality

Customer Service

Customer issues can be reported by the customer directly via Priority’s customer service web portal, or by service and support personnel using Priority’s call centre reporting functionality. Call centre reps can keep track of open service calls, call assignment, escalation status, related communications with the customer and follow-up calls.

Human Resources

Designed to help organisations automate, regulate and centralise the process of HR management. As a whole, this suite addresses several major tasks associated with HR from application to retirement, including recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, employee assignment and more.

Project Management

Track timelines, costs and profitability per project.

Fleet management

Manage warehouses and vehicles, define weight and volume capacities and uphold fleet maintenance.

Mobile Priority

Wireless shop floor data collection using ruggedised hand-held devices and/or touch screens. PDA smartphone access allowing remote access using windows mobile, Ipad or iPhone, even without intermittent GPRS signal. Mobile device support enables mobile delivery tracking, driver documentation, signature capture, and more.

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