Success Stories

Merley Paper Converters have 20% cost-savings across the board

"Priority helped us boost our change management, our approach to transitioning our company to redirect business processes and budget allocations.


Trutex increases process efficiency and productivity

"According to global technology research and consulting firm, Omdia, in a newly-released report, UK schoolwear manufacturer, Trutex, automates processes and improves stock control with Priority ERP"


Rodda’s integrated documentation scanning module increases efficiency and professionalism

"Integrated documentation scanning is another module from Medatech that has enabled Rodda’s to scan in customer signed delivery notes which are automatically attached to the correct shipping transaction. This has increased the efficiency and professionalism of departments involved in all aspects of CRM."


Air Bearings Realises High ROI – 20% Improvement in Workflow

"Priority gave us the tools we needed to really manage and control every aspect of our business. For the first time, we now had accurate costing data at our fingertips. This is where business efficiency starts and Medatech and Priority helped us get there."


Trutex Gains Complete Business Visibility

"Regaining control of inventory & significantly reducing time spent on expensive stock movements. Within a distribution industry such as this, it is vital that physical movements are minimised & those that are necessary are carried out as effectively as possible."


Dunlop Systems & Components Gained complete control over all operational costs

"Dunlop have the business intelligence module as part of their package which allows executive dashboards within the Priority ERP environment as well as on the MS outlook interface, allowing the management an excellent snapshot & drill down capability on the business processes & performance."